Online resource pack


What is the online resource pack?

Our resource pack is an online version of our vlogging workshops that we run for the Vlogstar Challenge!


We created this for those who missed out on our workshops. If you're interested in vlogging, then this pack is just for you. Our resource pack teaches you the basics of vlogging as you'll learn how to shoot and produce your own vlogs using your smartphone. It also covers editing basics and provides online resources to support this.

Make sure you make the most of this and practice the learnings that we provided you with. Happy Vlogging!


How do I submit to the competition?

Once you've reviewed the pack, you are now eligible to submit to our Vlogstar Challenge 2020 competition!


Submitting to the competition is easy, all you need to do is produce a one-minute vlog or original video on a social issue or news story that you are passionate about, upload it to your YouTube channel and send the link to us.


Click on the button below to submit your vlog!

Can I post my vlog entry on Social Media?

We'd love it if you'd like to share your vlog on social media with us! Make sure to follow the information below when doing so!

  1.  Please use the hashtag #VlogstarChallenge.

  2.  Make sure to tag @MT_Futures & @JPFoundation Twitter handles.

  3.  Double-check that your video is either public or unlisted - we can't watch private videos!

Would you like the chance to have your vlog featured on BBC? If so, please use the following hashtags:



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