Quantity vs Quality – Which do we prioritise

A lot of the time, YouTubers just upload content for the sake of staying consistent. Why is that? Why are we made to feel that if we don’t upload weekly videos that we’re not doing well? Posting on a weekly basis doesn’t seem like a big hassle to Non-YouTubers but when it comes to filming, editing, exporting, uploading to YouTube and then scheduling on social media – you have to have some type of schedule to be consistently doing this week after week.

As a YouTuber myself, I always said from the beginning that I’ll never fall into the pressure of uploading content weekly. I take pride on my videos – especially when I’m editing. It’s something that I enjoy doing and I like to take my time when doing so. Sometimes it can take me 1-2 hours to edit a vlog or sometimes it can take me the whole day. There’s no guarantee how long it will take every time as each video is different from the last.

One thing us YouTubers can relate to is the fear of exporting and uploading to YouTube. We all hate it when your edited footage doesn’t want to export and then when it does after the 3rdattempt, YouTube then wants to take all day to upload your video. It’s so painful having this happen constantly which then transitions into not wanting to upload videos anymore as it is just too much to deal with.

Is just me that feels this way? I am the only one ‘making these excuses’ when in reality this is easily proven to be doable by people who post content daily. If I really loved YouTube, nothing would stop me. I’d find all the time in the world to get the above done, still manage to have a social life and get enough hours of sleep during the day. So, the real question is: ‘Quantity or Quality’ which is the right choice?


I completely understand how beneficial it is to upload lots of videos to your channel. You want your viewers to get to know you, find out what you do and start a relationship with them all. You can’t do this when you post randomly. It doesn’t work as you’re not growing your audience or in fact growing as a YouTuber. You should want to look back at your channel and see your growth instead of looking at how sparse and disconnected all your videos are.

2017 Semi-Finalist Rhiannon shared with us her spoken word vlog about how the media focuses on women. This is a great video content-wise however, it is lacking in quality due it being a stand still, one take shot.


This is extremely important when it comes to uploading videos to YouTube. First of all, you have to make sure that it’s in HD. Blurry, unfocused videos are a thing of the past. Feature length films and documentaries are uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis, so really there’s no excuse to be posting videos in 480p. Visuals are so important. You can’t be slacking on this, so taking your time on your videos is the key to success.

Vlogstar Participant Naomi's video is very similar to Rhiannon's as it's also spoken word. With this video you can see that the quality is on a higher level as more time has been spent to enhance her visuals.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with having loads of content on your YouTube channel or do you prefer the less is more approach to your videos? Let us know!

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