Top 10 Things We’re Looking for in Your Vlogs

Everyone who attends our workshops has different creative skills, and the variety of our competition entries really shows this! We have creatively edited vlogs, hilarious anecdotes, group discussions and heartfelt stories - a wide mix of content. There’s no rule about what a successful vlog should look like, but we thought we would give you some guidelines about what we look for when we receive your videos and what will help them stand out infront of the others!

10. Story Structure

Whether your vlog is one minute or an hour long, your audience needs to stay interested. It's important to note that they aim to get something from watching your video. The introduction should be simple. Make sure to include an attention-grabbing main section and a clear ending. Utilise unique transitions between each videos using cuts, fades or using clips. Remember you are helping your audience through your story – guide them, make it easy for them!

9. Shareability

Remember it's YouTube! This is 2019! People need to want to share your content, otherwise nobody will ever see it! Identify what your vlogging genre is and figure out what makes a video sharable to that audience!

8. Subject Framing

Viewers will switch off quickly if the video they’re watching requires effort to process. Think about your niche and frame your shot based on that. For example, if you’re doing an advice vlog – bring the camera as close, as your comfortable with and centre yourself speaking directly to your viewers! Always remember to focus the camera too!

7. Creativity

Video-making is its own art and though there is always a place for some straight-down talking to the camera – remember that your personality can be shown in more ways than one. Creative editing, juxtaposition, music choices, camera angles etc. Spice up your video and keep your viewers excited to watch!

6. Clarity

Articulation! Don’t speak too fast or too quietly so viewers can’t understand you. Ensure that they are able to follow your story! Make sure your viewer isn’t confused about where the story is going either - clearly guide them through the vlog!

5. Engaging with your audience

It makes a world of difference when you speak directly to your audience (you can do so by looking straight into the camera!) Talk to them, ask them questions, speak to them like they are already your friends. When a viewer feels like you’re talking specifically to them, they are more likely to watch your content again.

4. Sound Quality

No matter how expensive your camera is, or how snazzy your vfxs are, if your audience can't hear you, they will not watch beyond the first 10 seconds! Think about your recording quality (are you using a mic / are you shooting outdoors?). Don't forget about your editing (is your music track so loud it blows out your dialogue?).

3. Authenticity

Talking into a camera and putting the footage on the internet can be uncomfortable for beginners, but remember that the best vlogstars have grown their followers into the millions, often by being their authentic selves on camera. It take a few attempts to feel comfortable, but your audience will notice when you look like you’re being yourself.

2. Interesting and unique theme

YouTube is full of vloggers at the moment, so standing out is harder than ever! Try to not pick a topic that has been done many times before, or if you do, at least try to approach it from a fresh perspective. If you can, make it more personal, as those stories are always unique and can be much more intriguing to listen to.

1. Be yourself

We always want to see YOU in your truest form. Many topics are covered on YouTube multiple times but what keeps viewers coming back to your channel is the person behind those catchy YouTube titles and thumbnails. Always be the same person that you are outside of your channel - those are the type of vlogstars that we're looking for!

Keep on creating and stay creative! If you do plan on submitting to the competition this year, we hope that any of these tips are a great addition to your videos. Best of luck!

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