Meet Our 15 Finalists

August 29, 2019

Ahead of our Grand Final on the 19th September, we are so excited to present our amazing 15 Finalists and showcase their vlogs down below. We look forward to seeing their final videos in 3 weeks time!

Valentina Mihova

Valentina’s vlog entry, titled ‘Tonight’ discusses an important topic, something that is very close to her heart. This is a personal story of her struggles with anxiety. She ends her vlog by saying ‘Tonight I’ll fight this battle, and one day I’ll win the war’. Valentina will be representing MIND at the Grand Final in September.

Gianne Pineda

Gianne’s vlog titled ‘The Power of Anticipation’ tells us about how something having to look forward to can have a positive impact on your life. She informs us that it is important to ‘book in things that make you feel good’. Gianne will be representing Life Works Group at the Grand Final in September.

Shaun Flores

Shaun’s vlog titled ‘A Father's Significance’ speaks about living in a world where fathers are lost and states that “we are now becoming found”. His video is dedicated to his son who has become an integral part of his existence; one that now has purpose and meaning. Shaun will be representing Dope Black Dads at the Grand Final in September.

Bella Roberts

Bella’s vlog titled ‘’How I drive, without using pedals.’’ Her vlog explains that as she is only 4’3 she drives using her hands because she can just about reach the pedals. But for Bella this is not a challenge for her as she expresses ‘’ I really love driving.’’ Bella will be representing Coombe Boys School at the Grand Final in September.

Kira Juanacio

Kira’s vlog is titled ‘’Serving sizes - Our world & the cruel reality’’ and it is a visual metaphor of the impact of climate change. She uses a scoop of ice scream as a representation of Earth and explains how by ‘’adding a huge amount of petroleum along with agricultural emissions’’ that we are damaging the planet. Kira will be representing WWF at the Grand Final in September.

Bryony Jones

Bryony’s vlog is titled ‘’perfection’’ and it is about the struggle to meet the standards of beauty in society. She urges us to ‘’embrace our reflection because there is no need for perfection.’’ It is a powerful poem on how we are all unique and that accepting this is what makes us who we are. Bryony will be representing 1A Arts at the Grand Final in September.

Eloise Morrison 

Eloise’s vlog is titled ‘’learn how to self love’’ and it is an advice vlog on self love. She instructs us ‘’to stare at ourselves in the mirror’’ and give ourselves positive affirmations. Eloise highlights that we should love ourselves the way we are and believe in ourselves. Eloise will be representing Global Academy at the Grand Final in September.

Hetty Quirke

Hetty’s vlog is titled ‘’Act Now’’ and it is poem that that protest against further harm to the planet. The vlog details how that protesters have to rebel in order for their message to be hear. Hetty informs that ‘’our hourglass is running thin and we no longer have luxury of time’’ as if want to save the planet we need to act now. She will be representing Greenpeace UK at the Grand Final in September.

Jonas Mondua

Jonas’ vlog is titled ‘’Maybe I am crazy for going to China’’ as it embarks on his solo journey to China. He informs us that by challenging himself to do things out of his comfort and accepting challenges, he embarks on new cultural experiences. Jonas is representing City Gates Youth at the Grand Final in September.

Millie Blair

Millie’s vlog is titled ‘’Stuck in a rut’’ and it is an advice vlog about how to make positive lifestyle changes. She proceeds to use stop motion to provide us with various tips and as a result you can always get out of your ‘rutness’’ because it will get better. Millie will be representing Street Children Leedo at the Grand Final in September.

Lynette Awojobi

Lynette’s video is titled ‘’Perception’’ and it is about widening your lenses and how perception can be changed. As she expresses ‘’the lens maybe stiff but it’s not impossible to adjust’’ so she encourages to go out and explore, see the beauty around us. Lynette will be representing the University of East London at the Grand Final in September.

Emily Malkin

Emily’s video is titled ‘’Cycling in London’’ which she states is not ideal as London is not greatly designed for cyclist. Her vlog details how the cyclist have to deal with many issues and that for a healthy human future, London’s infrastructure could be better. Emily will be representing at the Grand Final in September.

Victoria Ita

Victoria’s video is titled ‘’Life’s worth living march’’ and she reports on the knife crime epidemic in the UK. Her vlog details whilst there is a lot of coverage on the causes of the epidemic, there is hardly any ‘’focus on the voices of our youth.’’ She informs us that there was a march to protest against the rise in crime which she also participated in. Victoria will be representing Victory Youth Group at the Grand Final in September.

Max Aspey-Kent

Max’s video is titled ‘’How I met Jordan’’ and it is about how he met a friend online. He uses various drawings to show us how through sharing his content on YouTube led to befriending someone in Australia on Instagram. Max’s vlog is dear to him as it shows why he is passionate about YouTube and how ‘’it’s helped open the door for many new experiences. Max will be representing Haven House at the Grand Final in September.

Princess Jiboye

Princess’ video is titled ‘’Extraordinary dreams came true’’ and takes on her journey of finding the dream job. She informs us of all the struggles she faced when applying for jobs or further studies until she joined a multimedia training course. Princess’ vlog details how she wants to ‘’make her mark and was on to bigger opportunities.’’ Princess will be representing 2020 Change at the Grand Final in September.


Good luck to all of you and see you at the YouTube Space on the 19th September!


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